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Suneco Box is an experienced cardboard box manufacturer in China and 85% of our products are exported to Europe, the US, Canada, Japan, Australia, South Africa, and India.  We provide customization service for all our cardboard packaging boxes.  OEM samples of Packaging Mailer Cardboard Box can be delivered in 5-7 days.  Other cardboard boxes such as cardboard gift boxes, cardboard shoeboxes, and cardboard wine boxes are all in our business scope.

All our Staff works with 20 years experience.

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Brown Packaging Mailer Cardboard Box

This kind of corrugated cardboard postal boxes and mailers can be used for DVDs, CDs, and LPs. They are designed to protect media during transit and storage or some apparel with a suitable dimension as well.

  • Free design help available.
  • Best quality, Best price with short delivery time.
  • Brown Packaging Mailer cardboard boxes can be used for food.
  • All Packaging Mailer cardboard boxes are inspected before delivery.
  • Standard brown cardboard color inside and outside.

Custom Designs Printing Cardboard Box

There are a number of different types of mailer boxes, each is distinct from the other.  Some are black cardboard boxes while others are colored cardboard boxes. Suneco Box as professional manufacture has got all varieties of mailer boxes to offer.

  • Free design help is available for your folding paper box.
  • Not only produce the existing design but also “OEM” for you.
  • Best quality, Best price with short delivery time for your custom printed boxes.
  • All of our products can meet the testing requirements in Europe and America.

Customized folder Cardboard boxes with printing

Suneco Box as a professional cardboard manufacturer specializes in providing cardboard boxes, cardboard packages, and corrugated board boxes for packaging. Customers can get mailer boxes or folder boxes of various shapes, sizes, colors, types, or materials. We also have a professional designing team to offer the facility of designing your own mailer boxes.

  • Free design help is available for your folding cardboard box with printing.
  • Customized flexo printing or offset printing box with the best quality, best price, and short delivery time.
  • All of our products can meet the testing requirements in Europe and America.
Shipping Corrugated Box

High Grade Competitive Price for Shipping Corrugated Box

Such types of boxes are really helpful, especially when the product size is large. If mailer box is intended to carry more products, corrugated mailer boxes or shipping boxes are the preferred option.

  • Free design help available
  • Not only produce the existing design but also “OEM” for you.
  • Best quality, competitive price with short delivery time for your shipping corrugated boxes.
  • All of our products can meet the testing requirements in Europe and America.

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We are here to provide customized cardboard boxes with improved outlook and material. Cardboard packaging boxes can be customized to be used on any occasion. We also have a team of top designers who can help in getting the perfect look for personalized cheap cardboard boxes. A free stock sample can also be ordered to get an idea about the final product. Any image, logo, picture, or design can be printed on custom cardboard boxes.

Suneco Box, is the name that you can trust. As a vital professional paper box manufacturer in China, we warmly welcome your visit to our factory and talk business face to face! We are at your disposal all the time.

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Perfect Cardboard Boxes From Suneco Box

Cardboard boxes are considered as one of the core products for any business.
Such boxes are so perfect as they do their job well.

They are sturdy and help to shield the content inside from being destroyed or damaged.

With technological advances, numerous parts of distribution have changed, and cardboard boxes continue to serve businesses in an efficient way.

Cardboard boxes from Suneco Box are well known for their strength and durability.
These can be easily customized to suit any kind of product and used in any kind of business.

Whether its small cardboard boxes or large cardboard boxing as a packaging solution, quality can never be compromised.

How to measure your product before ordering custom cardboard boxes with or without printing?

Before ordering your first product packaging boxes, you should know the measurements of the boxes that would be best for your products. Measurements should be like Height, Width, length. If you don’t know the measurements for the boxes, then consider measuring your product first.

You can mention your measurements in inches, centimeters & millimeters.
If you don’t know how to measure your product, then place your product on a flat surface like a table and measure with the scale or measuring tape.
First, measure the product from left to right then measure it from front to back after that measure it from top to bottom.

  • Left to right measurement will be its Width.
  • Front to back will be its Depth/Length.
  • Top to bottom will be its Height.

Right-sized customized packaging is eco-friendly too.

The most important thing is to think that how much weight the box is going to carry.

The volume of the objects can also be used to determine the size of the cardboard packaging box. We are offering a wide range of cardboard boxes that will keep the cost to a reasonable level.

Different types of packaging cardboard boxes:

There are different types of cardboard boxes available from Suneco Box in every size and shape. The best thing about all these cardboard boxes is that they can be opened and closed easily and can be customized according to customer demands.

  • Regular slotted:

These are the most common type of custom cardboard boxes. All the flaps are in equal length and they are used for shipping small items.

  • Half slotted:

These boxes contain just one set of flaps that allow the product to slide into the box. Such cardboard boxes are very useful for heavier items.

  • Overlapping lids:

These boxes contain two flaps that overlap each other and create a strong bond.

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