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By Sofier Ju

Top 10 Best Paper Packaging Boxes Companies in Brazil.

If you are looking for Paper Packaging Boxes Manufacturers and Suppliers in Brazil, you are on the right place.

We here listed the Top 10 Best Paper Packaging Boxes Manufacturers and Suppliers in Brazil.

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1.Jaepel Papers and Packaging

Address: Rua Eixo Principal, Q02 Mód 01/20, s/n – Distrito Agroindustrial, GO, 75252-305, Brazil


Plus code:7VC5+X5 Distrito Agroindustrial, Senador Canedo – State of Goiás, Brazil


  • Cardboard boxes
  • Containers
  • Glasses
  • Fast food packaging

Top 10 Best Paper Packaging Boxes Manufacturers in Brazil

Pack food products, beverages, clothing, medicines, among others. All of this can be branded by Jaepel. With the purpose of packing great brands, each product developed or service performed by Jaepel carries the quality, sustainability, innovation and strength of a team that makes the company a reference in its area of operation. The paper and packaging factories are integrated and operate in three shifts, 24 hours a day. The intelligent and automated production line reduces the need for manual action, making the process more efficient.



2.Sanovo Greenpack Brazil LTDA casings

Address: Av. Três de Março, 510 – Aparecidinha, Sorocaba – SP, Brazil


Plus code:GH9M+W5 Aparecidinha, Sorocaba – State of São Paulo, Brazil


  • Corrugated paper box
  • Corrugated box
  • Corrugated board box

Top 10 Best Paper Packaging Boxes Manufacturers in Brazil

The history we have built since 1971 confirms our zeal in delivering high quality products, with personalized service, punctual delivery and the best cost-benefit. With a team capable of sales and after-sales, we guarantee customer satisfaction. The result of this partnership is the success of our customers and the recognized positioning as the best sustainable packaging company in Brazil.


3.NEFAB Embalagens LTDA

Address: Rod Pres Dutra, KM 134 – Sentido Rio de Janeiro – Vila Galvão, Caçapava – SP, 12286-160, Brazil


Plus code:V65R+5J Vila Galvão, Caçapava – State of São Paulo, Brazil


  • Packaging boxes
  • Packaging rolls
  • Packaging films

Top 10 Best Paper Packaging Boxes Manufacturers in Brazil

Nefab saves environmental and financial resources by optimizing supply chains. We do this by innovating together with our customers to create smarter packaging and logistics solutions while always respecting people and high ethical standards. This contributes to a better tomorrow for our customers, for society, and for the environment. With more than 70 years of experience combined with competence and presence in more than 30 countries, we offer global solutions and local service worldwide to companies in industries such as Telecom, Datacom, Energy, Automotive, Healthcare, Aerospace, and Lithium Batteries.


4.Smurfit Kappa Uberaba

Address: BR 050 KM 168 s/n – Distrito Industrial I, Uberaba – MG, 38064-750, Brazil


Plus code:72JC+G8 Uberaba, State of Minas Gerais, Brazil


  • Bottles, boxes
  • Accessories and disposable clothing
  • Consumer packaging
  • Equipment

Top 10 Best Paper Packaging Boxes Manufacturers in Brazil

Smurfit Kappa was founded in 1934, manufacturing cardboard boxes and packing cases for the Irish market. Acquired by Jefferson Smurfit in 1938, it quickly grew into a dynamic, forward-looking business, becoming one of Ireland’s leading manufacturers and listed on the Irish Stock Exchange in 1964. Jefferson Smurfit’s expansion established in the United States and merged with Chicago-based Stone Container Corporation in 1998. With new markets and new operations, the company was becoming a leader in the production of paper-based packaging.

5.Trombini Packaging

Address: Pav. 01, R. José Casagrande, 803 – Vista Alegre, Curitiba – PR, 80820-590, Brazil


Plus code:HMRV+5X Vista Alegre, Curitiba – State of Paraná, Brazil


  • Food Packaging Boxes
  • Shipping & Mailer Packaging Boxes
  • Restaurant Takeaway Packaging

Trombini S/A was founded in 1941 by Mirtillo Trombini, who left his job determined to open his own company. In 1945, he and his brothers began to expand the business until, in 1962, they built an industrial group with paper-making machines. From then on, they have increased their area of operation by opening factories outside the State of Paraná , becoming one of the largest companies in the sector in Brazil. All this was only possible thanks to constant investments in the most modern equipment and technology, as well as the development of a team capable of making Trombini a more competitive and competent company


6.Brazil Copos – Copos de Papel Descartável Personalizados

Address: Rua Bruno Bertucci, 324 – Freguesia do Ó, São Paulo – SP, 02910-100, Brazil


Plus code:F8W2+FF São Paulo, State of São Paulo, Brazil


  • Corrugated cartons
  • Folding cartons
  • Luxury cartons

Top 10 Best Paper Packaging Boxes Manufacturers in Brazil

We are MANUFACTURERS! We have the best prices on cups and packaging for your delivery (hamburger, potato, hotdog, churros, temaki… etc! We manufacture customized packaging according to the customer’s need and we also have white packaging and cups ready for delivery.

7.Huhtamaki Brasl LTDA. – Palmeira

Address: BR-376, KM 67 – Pavilhão 2 – USINA DO SALTO, Palmeira – PR, 84130-000, Brazil


Plus code:M37F+V4 Palmeira, State of Paraná, Brazil


  • Mono cartons
  • Kraft paper Boxes
  • Printed Cartons
  • Carton Boxes

Huhtamaki Fiber Packaging is active in 10 operating countries and has 12 plants across the globe. We are part of the global Huhtamaki packaging group. We have organized our business and global network of manufacturing units into four reporting segments; Foodservice Europe-Asia-Oceania, North America, Flexible Packaging and Fiber Packaging.


8.Sonoco Brazil

Address: Rodovia Senador José Ermírio de Moraes, 2812-3074, Itu – SP, Brazil


Plus code:HJHV+GG Itu, State of São Paulo, Brazil


  • Corrugated cartons
  • Folding cartons
  • Luxury cartons

Top 10 Best Paper Packaging Boxes Manufacturers in brazil

We bring more to packaging than just the package. Our integrated packaging solutions help define brand personalities, create unique customer experiences and enhance the quality of products and the quality of life for people around the world . All in the service of our purpose: Better Packaging.

9.Klingele Paper & Packaging Group – Nova Campina

Address: Rodovia Luiz Jose Sguario Km 31 s/n – Taquariguassu, Nova Campina – SP, 18435-000, Brazil


Plus code:Q3P8+P5 Nova Campina, State of São Paulo, Brazil


  • Custom print corrugated box
  • Duplex white corrugated box
  • Multi-depth corrugated box

Top 10 Best Paper Packaging Boxes Manufacturers in Brazil

Klingele’s company history is a success story with three main features: our people, their ideas and their commitment. The story began when the company was founded in 1920 and is still unfolding with every apprentice or new employee who joins us. For 100 years now, our name has stood for comprehensive expertise in the fields of corrugated board, paper and corrugated packaging.


10.Pamplastic Indústria de Embalagens Plásticas

Address: BR-470, 14875 km 44 – Belchior Baixo, Gaspar – SC, 89117-360, Brazil


Plus code:4XCW+JX Belchior Baixo, Gaspar – State of Santa Catarina, Brazil


  • Corrugated cartons
  • Packing tapes and bags
  • Bubble films, spatulas,
  • “Stretch” and other films

Top 10 Best Paper Packaging Boxes Manufacturers in Brazil

We are a flexible packaging industry with our own headquarters in the city of Gaspar, in Santa Catarina. Pamplastic comes from “Pamplona” and “Plástico”, a junction in which we honor our surname on our packaging. We commit to every challenge we receive, we have our teamwork as our main value.We started our activities on March 1, 1999 and our objective was to manufacture recyclable plastic bags.

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