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By Sofier Ju

Top 10 Best Paper Packaging Boxes Companies in Moldova.

If you are looking for Paper Packaging Boxes Manufacturers and Suppliers in Moldova, you are on the right place.

We here listed the Top 10 Best Paper Packaging Boxes Manufacturers and Suppliers in Moldova.

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1.KAM’s Moldova

Address: Strada Ioana Radu 21, Chișinău 2008, Moldova


Plus code:2RH2+6Q Chișinău, Moldova


  • Double cover carton
  • Telescoping box
  • RSC with variable flap

Top 10 Best Paper Packaging Boxes Manufacturers in Moldova

A qualified team of the sales department has been created, which will effectively advise and help determine the order. The products presented by us have received all the necessary permits and certificates. There is a warehouse complex in which there is a sufficient operational stock of goods. To meet the growing needs of customers,



2.MULTISTAR SRL ambalaj.md

Address: Petricani St 17/3, Chișinău, Moldova


Plus code:2RWJ+2C Chișinău, Moldova


  • Corrugated paper box
  • Corrugated box
  • Corrugated board box

Actively developing trading company in Chisinau. Sale of quality products, friendliness, objective information, personal approach, the highest standards of service – the mission of the company. An effective team — we try to realize the full potential of our employees by creating a single team of like-minded people, which enables our company to achieve ambitious goals.



Address: Industrial Park “Tracom”, Strada Columna 170, Chișinău 2004, Moldova


Plus code:2RQF+W4 Chișinău, Moldova


  • Packaging boxes
  • Packaging rolls
  • Packaging films

Top 10 Best Paper Packaging Boxes Manufacturers in Moldova

CARTNORD Corrugated cardboard boxes are the most common and economical packaging for various goods – from food and beverages, cosmetics and perfumes, pharmaceutical products and stationery, to large boxes for household appliances. Corrugated cardboard box is ideal for individual and transport packaging, especially when compliance with all sanitary and hygienic standards is required, as it is an environmentally friendly raw material with the possibility of recycling and disposal.



Address: Strada Constructorilor 8, Vatra 2055, Moldova


Plus code:3QC6+5H Vatra, Moldova


  • Self-assembly box
  • Fittings and inserts
  • Corrugated pallet
  • Specialised coated box

Top 10 Best Paper Packaging Boxes Manufacturers in Moldova

For more than 10 years, the Robistar brand food packaging business has been developing technologies to keep food fresh, better tasting and more accessible. We do this with a strong understanding of consumer needs and a focus on delivering packaging materials, equipment systems and services that enable supermarket retailers and food processors to be more productive and more profitable. We develop solutions to extend shelf life and freshness of perishable food, heightening merchandising appeal and providing options for meals that are quick and easy to prepare. Our packaging technologies can be found across shopping aisles in Moldova and also in foodservice kitchens.

5.Angroset SRL

Address: Vl. Korolenko St 6, Chișinău 2025, Moldova


Plus code:XRWG+43 Chișinău, Moldova


  • Corrugated box
  • Power-400 tobacco box
  • Office Appliance Packaging,

Sunpack specializes in the marketing of packaging products and solutions. Sunpack offers you a wide range of packaging solutions: polyethylene bags and paper bags of various shapes and sizes, pans, garbage bags, disposable clothing and crockery, etc.As a customer of Sunpack, you will benefit from additional services such as packaging consultations, design development, cliché manufacturing, delivery of goods, etc. Sunpack’s No. 1 priority is to provide our customers with quality products and services by establishing long-term collaborative relationships.



Address: Strada Maria Drăgan 19, Chișinău, Moldova


Plus code:2V8M+G4 Chișinău, Moldova


  • Corrugated cartons
  • Folding cartons
  • Luxury cartons

Top 10 Best Paper Packaging Boxes Manufacturers in Moldova

NOVAPACKED is a team of young professionals who have decided to contribute to a common cause – to the conservation of wildlife. In this difficult time for the planet, when it is buried in plastic waste, we suggest that you abandon plastic packaging. Our company provides high-quality printing services on paper bags. As a nice bonus, our designers will help you design your logo if you don’t already have one or if you need a rebrand.


Address: Papermax, Bulevardul Dacia 30/1, Chișinău, Moldova


Plus code:XVM6+78 Chișinău, Moldova


  • Mono cartons
  • Kraft paper Boxes
  • Printed Cartons
  • Carton Boxes

Top 10 Best Paper Packaging Boxes Manufacturers in Moldova

The company “Mitra-Grup” is the official representative of the companies: “Mondi Business Paper” (Austria), “Koehler”, “Herlitz”, “Faber-Castel”, “Folia” (Germany), “Goznak” (Russia), “Beifa” (China) 1. Mondi Business Paper – “Maestro” paper series: “Maestro Standard”, “Maestro Triotec Premium”, “DNS Premium” – “IQ” paper series: “IQ” – Economy, Selection Smooth, Color, Allround. – Colored paper from the “IQ” series – Pastel, Trend, Intensive and Neon. – Color Copy laser printing paper in a wide range of densities. – Roll paper for plotters. 2. “Reacto” carbonless paper 3. Artistic cards or with the special design “Koehler”. More than 30 types of white and colored cardboard with different fingerprints and densities are available. 4. The toilet paper products of our company: napkins, towels for household and support. 5. Office supplies and educational games for children from companies in different countries: Germany, Czech Republic, Poland and China.


8.ALLPACK – cutii si ambalaj, коробки и упаковка

Address: ул.Заводская, 78 каб.414 Кишинев, 2023, Moldova


Plus code:2V2Q+VW Chișinău, Moldova


  • Corrugated cartons
  • Folding cartons
  • Luxury cartons

Boxes are made from corrugated cardboard sheets with 3 or 5 layers of different brands, without printing or with flexographic printing up to 4 colors. ALLPACK – cutii si ambalaj, коробки и упаковка corrugated cardboard packaging has a high level of quality, creating a presentable appearance for our customers’ products.

9.Papermoon SRL

Address: Strada Burebista 112/1, Chișinău 2032, Moldova


Plus code:XVHC+MC Chișinău, Moldova


  • Custom print corrugated box
  • Duplex white corrugated box
  • Multi-depth corrugated box

Top 10 Best Paper Packaging Boxes Manufacturers in Moldova

\At present, Papermoon SRL company is one of the leading distributors in Moldova regarding the cardboard, packaging and their derivatives (raw material). During its activity, our company has proven a reliable partner thanks to a system developed by marketing, infrastructure and working experiences in production and sales. Thanks to teamwork, good qualities and fast delivery terms, we managed to create a mutually beneficial and productive relationship with the largest consumers of Moldova’s territory. Moreover, today our company is now recognized as a reliable partner for European and CIS markets. All our products, fully satisfies the technical characteristics declared and all current international standards, which are set for this type of production.



Address: Bd. Renașterii Naționale 7, Chișinău, Moldova


Plus code:2RQX+7F Chișinău, Moldova


  • Corrugated Boards
  • Single Face
  • Subscription Box
  • Takeout Boxes

Top 10 Best Paper Packaging Boxes Manufacturers in Moldova

Since 2006 we have been working on the Moldovan printing services market, in September 2008 we moved to a new production site. Now our company covers an area of ​​over 600 square meters. m, which houses an office for receiving orders, powerful modern equipment, in many respects unique for digital printing houses and a warehouse for finished products and materials necessary for the prompt execution of orders.Our mission: to develop the advertising market of Moldova through the production of high-quality advertising and printing products using the latest technologies and methods of organizing work.

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