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By Sofier Ju

Suneco box provide Professional paper packaging solutions.

We have different types of cardboard boxes,  Some are black cardboard boxes while others are colored cardboard boxes.

If you are looking for a reliable supplier of cardboard boxes, Suneco box is your right choice. We will save your cost on purchasing, save your design time and add value to your products.

Cardboard Boxes

We are here to provide customized paper boxes with improved outlook and material. Cardboard or paper box packaging can be customized to be used on any occasion. We also have a team of top designers who can help in getting the perfect look for personalized cheap cardboard boxes. A free stock sample can also be ordered to get an idea about the final product. Any image, logo, picture, or design can be printed on custom paper boxes.

Gift Packaging Boxes

We design and print paper gift box, Custom gift packaging, Christmas gift box, Birthday gift box, Wedding gift box etc.

You can send us a box photo or box artworks, size, quantity, surface treatment and paper grams each layer / one whole box weight,
then accurate prices will be quoted to you.

magnetic box drawer box lid and base box

Heavy Duty Box

Food packaging

Fruit and vegetable packaging

Apple box

Vegetable box

Banana box

Lemon box

Pineapple carton


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