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By Sofier Ju


The Complete Buying Guide to the Best Moving Blankets in Australia

Selecting the right moving blankets to protect your furniture and belongings is crucial when relocating in Australia. Investing in good quality Australian-made or imported moving blankets saves you money by preventing costly damages during transit.

This comprehensive guide covers tips for choosing the best moving blankets and top suppliers in Australia offering quilted pads, stretch wrap and other professional moving supplies.

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Benefits of Using Moving Blankets

  • Protection – Cushioning prevents nicks, dents, scratches and damage to possessions.
  • Security – Firmly secures belongings in place inside truck to prevent shifting or rubbing.
  • Versatility – Suitable for securing furniture, appliances, electronics, glassware and more.
  • Reusable – Good quality moving blankets have a long lifespan and can be used repeatedly.
  • Professionalism – Gives customers confidence in a mover’s services.

Types of Moving Blankets in Australia

Quilted Furniture Pads

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Quilted pads with polyester outer shell and hollow fiberfill or cotton batting padding interior provide cushioning. Water-resistant backing available. Lightweight and portable.

Heavy Duty Thick Blankets

Thicker dense rubber, felt or recycled cotton filled moving blankets provide enhanced protection for fragile items. Heavier but offer superior cushioning.

Australian Wool Blankets

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Premium pure wool blankets made from Australian sheep wool insulate and cushion. Softer feel than synthetic alternatives but more expensive.

Removalist Blankets

Locally made inexpensive thick brown paper or woven nylon blankets often used by removalists. Offer basic protection for budget moves.

Buying Considerations for Moving Blankets

Padding Material

Quilted polyester pads strike best value. Recycled cotton, felt and wool offer eco-friendly durability. Paper and nylon are most economic.

Water Resistance

Moisture can ruin goods. Opt for moving blankets with a PE or acrylic backing to keep padding dry. Essential for Australian weather.

Reinforced Edge Binding

Tough webbing or stitching around edges prevents tears with heavy use. Check blankets have secure edging.

Carrying Handles

Sturdy carrying handles make blankets easy to transport and stack. Webbed or fabric handles offer reliable grip.


Thicker 2-3 inch pads provide enhanced protection for delicate or fragile items. But cost more than thinner blankets.

Blanket Sizes

Stock a range of small to large blankets. Smaller pads protect electronics or lamps, large blankets cover furniture.

Australian Standards

Check blankets meet product safety standards like AS/NZS 1957 or local fire rating standards for certified quality.


Ensure pads allow some airflow and aren’t completely airtight to prevent condensation buildup when wrapped.

Top Moving Blanket Brands in Australia

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Bernie’s Blankets

Bernie’s Blankets is a popular Australian-owned brand manufacturing high quality furniture blankets made using soft quilted polyester and cotton padding. Water repellent backing available. Come with sturdy web handles.

Oz Blankets

Oz Blankets specializes in premium heavy duty wool blend and natural wool removalist blankets made from quality Australian sheep wool. Provides superior insulation and protection.

Aussie Wool Blankets

Aussie Wool Blankets offer premium thick, natural Australian wool blankets sourced locally. Available in a range of sizes from single to king size. Ideal for furniture padding.

U-Pack Moving Blankets

U-Pack is a major moving supplies retailer in Australia offering cost-effective furniture pads and thick reusable moving blankets made from recycled cotton or felt padding ideal for professional movers.

ProMover Pads

ProMover specializes in high quality furniture pads suited for professional movers and removalists. Made using durable quilted polyester with webbed handles in small to large sizes.

Tips for Using Moving Blankets Effectively

  • Wrap larger items fully for all-round scratch protection during transport.
  • Secure blankets in place firmly with tape to prevent loosening.
  • Use furniture sliders under appliances before wrapping to make moving easier.
  • Stack interleaved and gently to avoid creasing blankets when stored.
  • Inspect condition of blankets before and after each use to maximize lifespan.
  • Assign workers to carefully unload and unwrap blankets at destination.
  • Clean dirty used blankets promptly to maintain appearance and performance.


Using high quality moving blankets is an affordable investment for professional movers and homeowners in Australia seeking to protect their possessions during relocation.Following this guide will help pick the right type of blanket from trusted local Australian brands or imported pads that provide the best cushioning for your budget and requirements.

Taking proper care to wrap furniture, secure, unload and maintain moving blankets also ensures they provide reliable protection trip after trip. Investing in the right moving supplies brings peace of mind against damages when moving in Australia.

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