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The Complete Buying Guide to the Best Corrugated Box Manufacturers in Australia

Corrugated boxes are essential packaging used extensively for storage, transport, and shipping of goods within Australia and worldwide. With Australia’s manufacturing and export industry relying heavily on corrugated packaging, sourcing top quality boxes from leading local manufacturers is crucial.

This comprehensive guide covers tips for choosing the best corrugated box supplier and profiles major manufacturers across Australian cities and states like Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Gold Coast, Canberra, Newcastle, Wollongong, Sunshine Coast, Townsville, Cairns, Darwin, Toowoomba, Launceston, Bendigo, Ballarat, Bundaberg, Wagga Wagga, Hervey Bay, Mackay, Rockhampton, Bunbury, Coffs Harbour, Wodonga, Geelong, Mildura, Shepparton, Gladstone, Port Macquarie, Tamworth, Warrnambool, and more.

Benefits of Corrugated Boxes

  • Strength – The ribbed paper fluting provides stackability, crush resistance and structural rigidity to boxes.
  • Cushioning – The air gaps in corrugated board act as cushioning and protect box contents from damage.
  • Lightweight – Corrugated cardboard is lighter than wood, plastic or metal packaging alternatives.
  • Customizable – Corrugated boards are highly customizable in terms of box styles, fitments and printing.
  • Economical – Corrugated cardboard is inexpensive compared to other substrates which helps minimize packaging costs.
  • Recyclable – Corrugated board is environmentally friendly as the paper material is easily recycled.

Types of Corrugated Boxes

Regular Slotted Cartons price

Regular Slotted Containers (RSCs)

RSCs are the most common corrugated box style made of one piece with flaps for closing. Available in various sizes and ideal for storage and shipping.

Half Slotted Containers (HSCs)

HSCs are similar to RSCs but without the flaps on the bottom side, allowing easy access to contents. Used widely for retail displays.

Regular Slotted Cartons packaging

Full Overlap Slotted Containers (FOLs)

FOLs use narrow flaps that extend over the side edges for extra stacking strength. Used for heavy loads where stacking performance is critical.

Center Special Overlap Slotted Containers (SOSCs)

SOSCs have central overlapping flaps that wrap over side flaps for maximum box compression resistance ideal for fragile goods stacking.

Other Box Styles

Other corrugated box types include dispenser boxes, folders, interior packing boxes, auto bottom boxes, crates, and die cut shapes for specialized applications.

Key Considerations When Choosing a Corrugated Box Supplier

Box Sizes

Look for a manufacturer that offers standard box sizes as well as custom boxes tailored to your product dimensions.

Board Grades

Higher kraft paper grammage and burst strength provide improved performance. Select grade suited to contents and usage – normal, heavy duty or extra heavy duty.

Box Print Quality

Choose a manufacturer using modern printing presses for sharp multicolour box printing with minimal setup costs.

Design Expertise

Supplier should provide optimal box design suited for specific product protection and handling requirements.

Added Features

Options like wax coating, moisture resistance, window cutouts, fitments etc. add functionality for specialized applications.

Production Capability

Ensure manufacturer has capacity to fulfill orders reliably while meeting lead time and quality commitments even during demand surges.

Cost Effectiveness

A supplier with economies of scale provides competitive pricing. But beware extremely low prices at the cost of quality compromises.


Choose a provider using recycled materials and sustainable manufacturing processes for environmental stewardship.


Check for ISO compliance and certifications related to material sourcing, production standards, and food safety for reassurance.

Leading Corrugated Box Manufacturers in Australia


Detpak is a major corrugated box producer with factories across New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland, and Western Australia. They offer everything from retail boxes to heavy duty industrial packaging.

Visy Board

Visy operates corrugated box plants in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane, Perth, and regional centers, manufacturing quality packaging for companies nationwide.

Orora Packaging

Orora Packaging provides a broad corrugated box product range including die cuts, litho-laminates, and bespoke designs. Manufacturing facilities located countrywide.

Brickwood Packaging

Brickwood operates production sites in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, and Brisbane manufacturing corrugated boxes sustainably using recycled paper.

mailer box China factory

Austcor Packaging

Austcor is a specialist corrugated box producer catering to industrial segments. Products backed by technology investments and QC. Plants in Melbourne and Sydney.

Central Box

Central Box focuses on small to medium corrugated packaging runs. Services like custom box design and inventory management offered. Located in Moorabbin, Melbourne.

Warbrooke Packaging

Warbrooke manufactures corrugated cartons for commercial supply chains from two production sites in Melbourne. Known for responsiveness and flexibility.

CMA Cartons

CMA Cartons produces quality corrugated boxes for distribution and e-commerce companies. Services South Australia and Northern Territory regions.

Tips for Getting the Most from Your Corrugated Boxes

  • Select optimal grade and fluting type suited for contents and any special handling considerations.
  • Consider possibilities like bundling orders in partitioned master cartons for easier supply chain management.
  • Optimize box size – oversized boxes waste material and undersized boxes risk damage.
  • Use inner supports like dividers, inserts and cushioning for delicate items.
  • Take advantage of branding, package printing and color opportunities boxes offer.
  • Bundle orders for different destinations intelligently to streamline logistics.
  • Discuss any specialized box features like ventilation, display options, openings etc. required.


Choosing a reliable corrugated box producer ensuring quality, affordability and service reliability is a key packaging decision for Australian manufacturers, farms, retailers, wholesalers and exporters. This guide will help businesses source boxes optimally designed for their needs from leading corrugated packaging manufacturers located conveniently across Australian states and metro areas.

kraft paper tube

Investing in proper corrugated packaging tailored for specific products pays dividends down the supply chain through easier handling, reduced damages and efficient transportation. Partnering with a capable local corrugated box producer provides an opportunity to collaboratively improve packaging related costs and outcomes.

Here are some sample FAQs for the corrugated box manufacturers in Australia buying guide:

Best Corrugated Box Manufacturers in Australia


Q: Why are corrugated boxes widely used in Australia?

A: Corrugated boxes provide strength, cushioning, customizability, and cost-effectiveness. They are ideal packaging for Australian manufacturing, agriculture, and e-commerce.

Q: What are the main types of corrugated boxes available?

A: Common corrugated box types used in Australia include regular slotted containers, half slotted boxes, full overlap boxes, center special overlap boxes, and auto bottom boxes.

Q: What factors to consider when choosing a corrugated supplier?

A: Key considerations are box styles, material grades, printing quality, design expertise, production capability, sustainability, certifications, and competitive pricing.

Q: Who are some leading corrugated box manufacturers in Australia?

A: Top suppliers across Australian states include Detpak, Visy Board, Orora Packaging, Brickwood, Austcor Packaging, Central Box, Warbrooke Packaging, and CMA Cartons.

Q: How can businesses maximize effectiveness of corrugated boxes?

A: Optimize box specifications and sizes, use inner supports like cushioning, take advantage of printing, bundle orders intelligently, and collaborate with supplier on box enhancements.

Q: Why choose a local Australian corrugated box company?

A: Local manufacturers provide personalized service, faster fulfillment, and can tailor boxes based on specific product and supply chain needs relevant for Australian conditions.

Q: Where are major corrugated box manufacturers located in Australia?

A: Leading corrugated producers have manufacturing sites across metro areas like Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide as well as regional Australian centers.


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