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Suneco Box is located in Qingdao City, China which is one of the professional corrugated packaging boxes manufacturers and companies to manufacture all kinds of corrugated carton packaging, including corrugated carton boxes, corrugated cardboard packaging boxes, gift boxes, custom Logo luxury gift boxes, Blueberry & strawberry packing boxes, all fruits & vegetable packaging, custom gift box, corrugated boxes, color printed boxes, white cardboard boxes, brown carton boxes, paper bag moving boxes, transport boxes, etc.  Suneco Box offers a very high degree of superior customization for its custom Logo paper packaging boxes that range in the form of shapes, sizes, and printing.  We provide our customers with kinds of cardboard Eco packaging solutions and the quality they deserve at extremely competitive prices. Wholesale paper packaging boxes and packaging supplies from our company are durable and affordable.

You will enjoy our quick responses from Suneco Box sales team whether it is wholesale, pre-sales, post-sales, or something in between; We are at your disposal all the time. You should always choose Suneco Box for all your custom corrugated packaging boxes & other packaging needs. Suneco Box is one of the best corrugated packaging box manufacturers in Qingdao, China. Get a free quote now!

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Suneco Box

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Why Suneco boxes
are sold to 30+ countries

Here are the most engaging reasons why you should get your packaging carton boxes from us and never regret it:

  • 30 years of Packaging Boxes manufacturing experience
  • Enjoy a full-customization experience with Suneco Box
  • Satisfactory warranty on all our  packaging carton boxes
  • The unique advantage of Worldwide Delivery logistics

Be an Expert When Importing Packaging Carton

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Listen to What Our Clients Say About
Suneco Packaging Boxes.


A Buyer From Canada

“Our business with Suneco Packaging Boxes has been nothing short of exceptional. The quality of their boxes coupled with their eco-friendly commitment aligns perfectly with our brand values. Their wholesale prices provide fantastic value, and their attention to customer service is top-tier. We’re grateful for a reliable partner that enhances our products’ presentation.”


A Buyer From Vietnam

“We’ve been working with Suneco Packaging for our packaging requirements for quite some time. Their boxes are incredibly durable and visually pleasing, helping us present our merchandise perfectly. As wholesale buyers, we highly appreciate their affordable prices, quick turnaround times, and dedication to customer satisfaction. A fantastic experience!”


A Buyer From Spain

“Suneco Packaging Boxes has truly transformed our packaging needs. Their products are both sturdy and visually appealing, giving our products a professional touch. The bulk pricing is highly competitive and their customer service is unmatched. With prompt deliveries and quality assurance, we couldn’t ask for a better packaging partner.”


A Buyer From USA

“We really appreciated that you have made such nice blueberries boxes for my blueberries packaging, my customers love it and gave me good feedbacks by supporting my blueberries business. It’s so convenient and elegant when packing our products.”


A Buyer From Philippines

“Suneco Box team is very quick and efficient. Every member of the team I have worked with has been patient and understanding when explaining the next steps and packaging process for my packaging box product. I look forward to future developments with a packaging box design and my packaging project. Highly recommend!.”


A Buyer From India

“No doubt, Suneco Box is a great company. Thank you, Sofier, Samantha, Lisa, and the entire packaging design team for your support, creativity, and guidance in taking my packaging boxes project to the next level, thanks a lot for your great efforts. Looking forward to our massive success together!.”

Questions & Answers on Packaging Boxes

Why Choose Suneco Box?

Here are the most engaging reasons why you should get your packaging from the reliable Corrugated Packaging Boxes Manufacturers and never regret it:

1.Free Design Support—Not only produce the existing design but also “OEM” for you.From custom box shapes, custom box printing to custom box cardboard material, almost all your needs are covered by us. We have a full-customization experience.

2.Cost Effective Price—Our price is competitive and affordable,when you compared it with other company.

3.Professional offset Printing—Our Offset Printing is guaranteed to be highly professional,and it will make your product stand out.

4.World-wide Delivery Logistics— Suneco Box is located in Qingdao so we have unique advantage in Shipping logistics. No matter you want us to use express, sea shipping or air shipping, we are always able to cover your needs.

Are you a factory manufacturer or a trade company? what’s your product ranges? where is your market?

Suneco Box is a manufacturer specializing in corrugated cardboard packaging boxes and printing items, which covers various paper packaging bags & boxes, gift boxes, corrugated boxes, and other paper products. Most of
They are exported to Europe, Canada, the US, Japan, Guatemala, Australia, and other areas worldwide.

We supply to the Central America and South America.

How about your production capacity?

Equipped with advanced Heidelberg offset presses, laminating machines, corrugating machine, automatic die-cutting machine, automatic pasting machine, we have a monthly capacity of 30 million paper boxes & paper bags.

What would be the sample time, sample cost, and production time?

Usually, the samples will be finished within 3-5 working days. Samples will be charged based on your artwork and
packaging details.

Our common production time should be 12-15 working days! But if the order is in urgent, we can adjust the time
and make it in 7 work days! Kindly contact with our Export manager for details.

Can I have a custom designed and made packaging box?

Suneco Box designs and constructs each project to the individual customer’s needs. All of our packaging boxes & bags are custom made
based on your artwork and packaging need.

What is your terms of delivery?

We accept EXW, FOB, CFR, CIF, etc. You can choose the one which is the most convenient or cost effective for you

How to ensure product quality?

We have advanced equipment, maintaining on time every day to ensure good printing and cutting quality, and also a professional quality inspection team to ensure that each shipment is qualified.

How to ensure that the product is accurate?

After confirming the order, we will send you the design draft for confirmation, the production sample will be confirmed again, and then the mass production will be carried out.

What is the minimum order quantity of the product?

The general order quantity for a product is 500 pieces. The more the quantity is, the cheaper the unit price will be.

Do you have your own factory?

We have our own packaging boxes factory in Huangdao District, Qingdao City, Shandong Province, China, close to the port, so we have an advantage in price and quality control on all custom packaging boxes.

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