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Originating from China, these durable moving polyester blanket pads cater to both industrial logistics packaging and consumer furniture moving. Made from durable Polyester / Cotton, their standout feature is the use of recycled materials, echoing global eco-friendly initiatives. Double lock stitching for four edges and four square corners, zig-zag (w) double lock stitching for whole moving blankets (except for edge and four corners)

Customization is paramount; customers can dictate the blanket’s shape, size, and color, and even incorporate their own logo for branding. Theseblankets serve dual purposes: they are robust enough for industrial use yet visually appealing for consumer products. Suneco Packaging durable moving polyester blanket pads offer a versatile solution for businesses and individuals seeking reliable, personalized packaging or moving solutions.

Wholesale Moving Blankets for Sale in the global market.

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Wholesale waterproof 72" X 80" black durable moving polyester blanket pads

Suneco Box is a 20 years manufacturer producing different types of American wholesale waterproof 72″ X 80″ black durable moving polyester blanket pads. The dimension 72″ X 80″ is made for American market. Wholesale Moving Blankets for sale in USA/America.

  • Material:Polyester / Cotton.
  • Technics:nonwoven.
  • Best quality, Best price with short delivery time.
  • Feature: Waterproof, PORTABLE
  • Style: American Style
  • Use: Picnic, Travel, Hospital, Home, Hotel
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Professional Quilted Shipping Furniture Soundproof Moving Blankets

Suneco Box as a professional manufacturer deals with different types of Moving Blankets. Wholesale Professional Quilted Shipping Furniture Soundproof Moving Blankets.Model Number: Moving blanket. Name: moving blanket soundproof. Wholesale Moving Blankets for sale in the USA, CANADA, Australia, and New Zealand.

  • Free design help is available.
  • Material: 100% Polyester
  • Technics: nonwoven
  • Design: Customer Designs Workable.
  • Supply Ability:1000000 Pieces/Pieces per Month
  • >=1000 pieces: $1.50/pcs.
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Wholesale Polyest Heavy Duty Moving Pads Furniture Durabe Moving Blankets 72''x80''

Suneco Box as a professional manufacturer deals with different types of Durabe Moving Blankets. Wholesale Polyest Heavy Duty Moving Pads Furniture Durable Moving Blankets 72”x80”. Wholesale Moving Blankets for sale in the USA, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.

  • Free design help is available.
  • Type: Thread Blanket/Towel Blanket
  • Pattern: Celebrities, Festival, Marine, Portrait, Endless, Solid, DOT, Striped, Plant, Joyous, Character, Cartoon, Leaves, Floral, Geometric, Scenic, Christmas, Vintage, Animal.
  • All of our products can meet the testing requirements in Europe and America.
  • Use: Hotel, Airplane, Picnic, Home, Hospital, Travel
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Professional Quilted Shipping Furniture Polyester Moving Blankets

Furniture Polyester Moving Blankets are very useful when it comes to shipping and storage. They are best for shipping because they are specially designed with cushioning to protect the contents inside. Suneco Box as a professional manufacturer deals with different types of Custom Professional Quilted Shipping Furniture Polyester Moving Blankets Supply Ability:100000 Set/Sets per Month

  • Free design help is available.
  • Feature: Anti-pilling
  • Best quality, Best price with short delivery time.
  • Package Type: POLY BAG , CARTON, BALE
  • All of our products can meet the testing requirements in Europe and America.

Moving Blanket Pads Manufacturer

Custom Moving Blanket Pads
Suneco Moving Blanket Pads

The Suneco Moving Blanket stands as a paragon in the realm of moving and shipping accessories. Crafted meticulously with professional-grade quilting, this polyester blanket ensures maximum protection for furniture, making relocations and shipments significantly stress-free. Boasting dimensions of 72×80 inches, the blanket is ideal for shielding larger items, eliminating the chances of scratches, dents, or any other transit damage.

More than just a moving pad, its soundproofing properties are a testament to the quality and detail in its construction. Another distinguishing feature is its waterproof nature, ensuring your valuable possessions remain unscathed in unpredictable weather conditions. With its sleek black aesthetic, the Suneco Moving Blanket isn’t just functional, but also stylish. Wholesale buyers can revel in the knowledge that they’re investing in a durable, top-tier product that balances both aesthetics and functionality. Whether you’re relocating or just storing, these blankets guarantee absolute peace of mind. Wholesale Moving Blankets for sale in the United Kingdom, the USA, CANADA, Australia, and New Zealand, the Philippines, Thailand, Mexico.

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The Complete Buying Guide to Heavy Duty Moving Blanket Pads

Moving can put your valuables at risk of damage from bumps, scrapes, shocks and more during transit. Investing in heavy duty moving pads is essential for professional movers and trucking companies to safeguard clients’ belongings. This comprehensive buying guide provides tips on choosing the best heavy duty moving pads and top wholesale manufacturers of quilted moving blankets in China.

Benefits of Using Heavy-Duty Moving Pads

  • Extra protection – Thick heavy duty pads provide enhanced cushioning for fragile and delicate items.
  • Prevents damage – The dense padding acts as a shock absorber preventing dents, cracks, scratches etc.
  • Reduces vibration – The pads dampen truck vibrations and jerks over rough roads protecting cargo.
  • Reusable – Well-made heavy duty pads have longer lifespans and can be used repeatedly.
  • Versatile – Suitable for securing varied items like furniture, appliances, electronics, glassware etc.

Key Features of Heavy Duty Moving Pads

Thick Padding Material

Heavy-duty moving pads feature dense padding ranging from 2 to 6 inches thick. Materials like quilted polyester, cotton, felt and foam provide enhanced cushioning. This thickness gives superior shock absorption.

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Durable Outer Fabric

The outer material needs to be thick, rip-resistant, waterproof and withstand repeated use and friction against furniture. Polyester and recycled cotton are common durable fabrics.

Strong Handles

Reinforced webbed handles securely sewn on edges allow easy carrying and handling without tearing the fabric. This enhances pad lifespan.

Waterproof Underside

A waterproof barrier on the underside keeps moisture out and prevents mildew or stains. Polyethylene and acrylic coatings are commonly used.

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Secure Edge Stitching

Tightly sewn stitching secures the outer fabric to the inner padding. This prevents loose threads or lumping of the filling which can compromise protection.

Types of Heavy-Duty Moving Pads

Quilted Polyester Moving Pads

Polyester moving pads with dense quilted padding are popular as they are affordable, water resistant, portable and provide good cushioning. The polyester covering is rip-resistant and smooth.

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Recycled Cotton Moving Pads

Eco-friendly moving pads are filled with recycled waste cotton and batting scraps. They have a soft plush feel but are still dense and durable. Recycled cotton is eco-friendly.

Felt Furniture Pads

Thick felt pads are incredibly dense and smooth. They prevent scratches, are water resistant, and provide heavy duty protection for delicate finishes. Easy to clean too.

Foam Moving Pads

Foam moving pads made of cross-linked polyethylene or polyurethane foam provide exceptional cushioning. They conform to the item’s shape. Lightweight and waterproof.

Key Considerations When Buying Wholesale Moving Pads

Padding Thickness

Choose moving pad thickness based on the weight and delicacy of the items being moved. Thicker 4-6-inch pads are best for fragile items like glass and ceramics. 2-3 inch pads work for most household furniture.

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Pad Size

Select pad sizes to suit all your items. Stock a range like 12″x12″ pads for lamps, up to large 72″x80″ pads for sofas, mattresses and appliances. Having different sizes gives flexibility.


Check the outer fabric, stitching and handles are tough and reinforced for repeated long-term use. Good quality pads will last for many moves when cared for.

Water Resistance

Moisture can ruin household goods. Ensure the pads have a waterproof PE or acrylic backing so padding stays dry if water spills or rains.

Branding Options

Many manufacturers offer custom printing or labels with company name/logo on moving pads. Great for professional movers to promote their brand.

Easy Ordering & Shipping

Choose a manufacturer that offers easy online ordering, rapid production and ships internationally. Check if they have local warehouses to reduce shipping costs and delays.

Compliance Certifications

Reputable moving pad manufacturers comply with quality standards like ISTA 3A. Look for ISO certifications to ensure top notch quality control and testing.

Manufacturer Reputation & Reviews

Vet manufacturers thoroughly based on client reviews, experience, quality commitment and services like customization offered before placing bulk orders.

Top Manufacturers of Heavy-Duty Moving Pads in China

Suneco Packaging Co., Ltd Transportation Products

Suneco Packaging Moving Blanket is a leading moving supplies manufacturer providing top-grade heavy-duty furniture pads to professional movers globally. Their premium 800GSM quilted moving pads combine thick high-density padding, rip-resistant polyester outer fabric, and 4-inch thickness for maximum protection.

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Ningbo Beilun Tianyi Transportation Products

Tianyi manufactures professional grade multi-layer thick quilted moving pads up to 20mm thick using durable terylene polyester and cotton outer fabric. Ideal for securing fragile and delicate furnishings.

Jiaxing Homebeta Textile Co. Ltd.

Homebeta is a major supplier of eco-friendly heavy duty recycled cotton moving pads. Their thick pads provide cushioning using compressed recycled cotton batting waste scraps. Durable and environmentally-friendly.

Xiamen Marswei Trading Co. Ltd.

Marswei Trading produces quality dense felt furniture pads that provide heavy duty sliding protection for hardwood floors and furniture. Their extra thick 7mm felt pads are also great for securing delicate items during transit.

Shenzhen Yuanjie Packing Products Co. Ltd.

Yuanjie manufactures premium polyurethane foam moving pads that provide exceptional cushioning and shock absorption. Their lightweight pads conform to different shapes and have waterproof TPU coating.

Tips for Using Heavy-Duty Moving Pads Effectively

  • Wrap larger furniture like wardrobes in pads fully secured with tape to avoid scrapes.
  • Use thick felt pads under appliances to prevent dents and provide smooth sliding.
  • Pad the bottom and sides of boxes thoroughly to protect fragile items inside.
  • Place pads between stacked/rubbing items to prevent damage.
  • Secure pads on truck/cargo area floors to prevent shifting during transit.
  • Check pads for tears or lumping and discard damaged pads.
  • Clean dirty pads after use to improve lifespan and appearance.
  • Store pads folded up neatly when not in use to prevent creasing.


Investing in good quality heavy duty moving pads from leading Chinese manufacturers like Easy Go Transportation, Tianyi, Homebeta, Marswei Trading and Yuanjie Packing allows professional movers and trucking companies to provide reliable protection for clients’ valuables during relocations. Following this buying guide will help select durable moving pads that provide superior cushioning and prevent damage in transit.

Here are some sample FAQs for the moving blanket pads:


Q: Why are moving pads and blankets important?

A: Moving pads and blankets provide protective cushioning and prevent damage to furniture, appliances, electronics, and other belongings when moving.

Q: What materials are used to make moving pads?

A: Common materials used are quilted polyester, cotton, felt, foam, and recycled cotton. Waterproof backing is also added.

Q: How to choose the right moving pad thickness?

A: Thicker pads around 2″-4″ provide better protection for fragile and heavy items. Thinner 1″ pads work for lighter items to save cost.

Q: What are the main features of quality moving pads?

A: Rip-resistant outer fabric, strong webbed handles, waterproof backing, high-density padding, and sturdy stitching.

Q: Why are Chinese manufacturers major suppliers of moving pads?

A: China offers a combination of manufacturing expertise, advanced production capabilities, and competitive pricing attractive to professional movers.

Q: What are the advantages of quilted polyester moving pads?

A: Quilted polyester pads are lightweight, water-resistant, durable, and provide good cushioning against shocks.

Q: How to choose a reliable moving pad manufacturer?

A: Look for reputable manufacturers that are ISO-certified, use quality materials, have good customer reviews and provide custom branding/sizing.

Q: What sizes of moving pads are available?

A: Standard sizes range from 12”x12” up to 96”x144”. Many manufacturers offer custom sizes as well.


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