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By Sofier Ju

There are several cardboard box manufacturers and suppliers in the USA. Below is a simple guide to cardboard boxes suppliers and manufacturers.


cardboard boxes and the top suppliers

Top Cardboard Box Manufacturers and Suppliers in the USA

Cardboard boxes are prefabricated and recyclable boxes. The box manufacturers make them from corrugated fiberboard, paperboard, and cardstock. The containers’ primary functions are shipping, packaging, and storing materials and goods. 

Apart from the cardboard boxes, the manufacturers and suppliers provide other products, such as paper product containers. The top cardboard box suppliers and manufacturers cater to consumers’ packaging solutions. 

Thus, below you will find details on the cardboard box types available. You will also get factors to consider when selecting cardboard box manufacturers.

Types of Cardboard Boxes

Cardboard boxes fall into two main categories: corrugated boxes and paperboard boxes. However, the boxes differ in terms of types, manufacturing techniques, forms, and sizes.

Corrugated boxes

The boxes consist of several paperboard layers. The packaging material is the most common cardboard box type; it has two to three outer and medium layers. The corrugated medium’s part ensures that your box will have extra durability and stability.

The cardboard box manufacturing machine is responsible for making the medium layer and the entire box. The manufacturers also use adhesives to ensure all layers are in place. 

The boxes are available in; anti-static, triple-wall, and double-wall. Some of the most common corrugated boxes examples are; mailing, pizza, and moving boxes.

Paperboard boxes 

Manufacturers make them from paper-based materials. The materials are thicker than people’s standard paper for writing and documents. The paper-based materials have a thickness of 0.01 inches.

You can also refer to the paperboard boxes as chipboard boxes. Manufacturers use a procedure known as pulp to make them. Pulping includes the chemical or mechanical grinding of wood. 

One of the best elements about the paperboard boxes is that you can bleach them. Some of its common use is in shirts, gifts, soap, drugs, food or cereal, and baked goods boxes.

This article will also provide information on the best US cardboard box manufacturers. It will include corrugated and non-corrugated box manufacturers. You will also find a table that states diversity and company ownership, like small and disadvantaged cardboard box manufacturers.

How to Select the Right Packaging Cardboard Boxes Manufacturers for Your Application

In the market, there are several cardboard manufacturers. Not all companies offer the same service or quality. Thus, you must be careful about the supplier and manufacturer you pick. Here are some of the factors you need to consider when choosing a supplier:

  • Their availability. A supplier should be willing to answer any questions you may have. They should also be willing to communicate with you. You must inquire about the supply chain and quality control procedure. You may suffer from supply shortages and shoddy boxes if you do not. If sustainability is important, you must inquire whether the supplier uses sustainable sources. You may also need advice on the best cushioning and cardboard for a particular application. Therefore, the type of supplier you pick should be knowledgeable. They should also be ready to answer all your questions.
  • The supplier’s specialization areas and how they meet your needs. Do you need food-safe, heavy-duty, or custom cardboard boxes? Will you require general-use corrugated boxes or a specialty type of box? A manufacturer or supplier that specializes in your requirements will be more knowledgeable. They will also be able to produce the type of box you need.
  • Whether you can get a product sample
  • Whether the manufacturer’s lead times align with your needs
  • The maximum and minimum order quantities. The small minimum order quantity will be ideal if you want to begin with a small box number. 
  • What is optional and what is essential in your requirement list? Knowing what matters is crucial in determining the right company.
  • The company reviews. The best way to determine a company’s review is by searching online. You can check whether there are any complaints and what complaints are common. You can also search for online reviews.
  • What is the supplier’s willingness to offer product samples to you? If you want high-quality cardboard boxes, view the samples first. Thus, the type of supplier you get should be able to provide a packaging sample.

After selecting the top supplier who meets your requirements, sign a short-term contract. You can also choose a standard contract instead of a trial-run one. Make sure that whatever contract you choose guarantees you pricing that will ensure high-profit margins.

The Top Cardboard Box Companies and Manufacturers in the USA

The table below has information on the top cardboard box manufacturing companies in the USA. The ranking of the companies is based on annual sales, including corrugated and non-corrugated box manufacturers. 

Additional details on the manufacturers will be on their number of employees and headquarter location. You will also find the company activity summary.

cardboard boxes and the top suppliers

Table 1.

Top US Cardboard Box Companies

CompaniesNumber of EmployeesHeadquartersAnnual Sales
International Paper Company51,000Tennessee$22.38 Billion
Georgia Pacific LLC 46,270Georgia$18.1Billion
WestRock Company51,100Georgia$18 Billion
Packaging Corporations of America15,000Pensylvania$6 Billion
Associated Bag170Wisconin$125 Million
Western Container Company150Wisconin$30 Million
Emenac packaging96Californ$19 Million
Deluxe Packaging, Inc85New Jersey$17 Million
Larsen Packaging Products, Inc26Illinois$6 Million

Table data is from Thomasnet.com.

The Summary of USA Cardboard Box Companies

Larsen Packaging Products, Inc: The company is present in Illinois. Larsen packaging supplies: Corrugated boxes, kraft paper, corrugated mailers, bin and storage containers, tissues, wraps, papers, and cardboard mailing tubes.

Deluxe Packaging, Inc: It produces premium quality gifts, jewelry, luxury, and rigid boxes. The company offers you a customization option. In addition, it provides free design support, shipping, and setup charges.

Emenac Packaging: The company has several options for cardboard boxes. Some of its most common types include; bakery, custom apparel, cookie, candle, cosmetic, food, electronic, favor, medical, and kraft.

Western Container Company: The company produces premium stock boxes, paper core products, and corrugated cartons. Most of its products are 100% recyclable.

Associated Bag: It manufactures packaging, shipping, and workplace products. The company provides you with products, such as corrugated, bin, bakery, pizza, moving, and shoe boxes.

Packaging Corporation of America: The Illinois-based manufacturer offers its clients customization options. The packaging solution company ensures you can personalize your corrugated box to fit your business brand. Its main products are; containerboard, interior packaging, stock supplies, product packaging, and heavy-duty packaging.

WestRock Company: It is one of the largest cardboard box manufacturers in the USA. It has a significant portfolio of packaging products and paper. Some of the products it produces include; pulp, protective packaging, Kraft paper, containerboard, paperboard, folding cartons, corrugated containers, and displays.

Georgia-pacific, LLC: The company produces paper products, including disposable cups, facial tissues, napkins, toilet paper, and paper towels. It also offers customization options for corrugated and containerboard packaging.

International Paper Company: The enterprise is the world’s top fiber-based products manufacturer. They produce products such as; paper products, pulp, recycling packaging, papers, corrugated packaging, containerboard, and cellulose fibers. The company’s corrugated packaging are; bulk, retail, molded fiber, solid paper, kraft paper, and specialty packaging. It also includes multiple styles of cardboard sheets and boxes.

The leading Diversity Ownership Manufacturers of Cardboard Boxes

Below you will see a table containing information on the USA’s leading diverse-owned cardboard box manufacturing companies. The table’s ranking is by the companies’ annual sales. In addition, it includes companies that have minority ownership of about 51% controlled, operated, and owned by the minority group members.

The table also consists of several USA suppliers with the above qualifications. It also has some disadvantaged and small, woman-owned, and service-disabled veteran-owned businesses. In addition, there are details of the company’s number of employees and location.

Table 2: The Leading Diversity Ownership Manufacturers of Cardboard Boxes in the USA

COmpaniesNumber of EmployeesHeadquarterAnnual Sales
Amerisource Custom Packaging40Texas$8 Million
Spectrum Lithograph35California$7 Million
International Plastics, Inc38South Carolina$7 Million
Master Packaging Solution34California$6 Million
Bags Unlimited, Inc34New York$6 Million
Boxes 4U33Texas$6 Million
Mister Packaging33Carlifornia$6 Million
Jarett Industries33Maryland$6Million
TazPak25Carlifornia$5 Million
Guardian Packaging, LP26Texas$5 Million
Thousand Oaks Packaging26California$5 Million
Signature Packaging & Paper, LLC24Missouri$4 Million
Cactus Container, Inc25Carlifornia$4 Million
Protopak Engineering Corp10Illionois$2.3 Million
Navigator Packaging & supply7California$1.9 Million
Allied Shopping & Packaging Supplies, Inc6Ohio$1 Million

Companies’ information is from Thomasnet.com.

A Summary of the Diversity-Owned Cardboard Box Companies

Allied Shipping & Packaging Supplies, Inc is a family-based company in Ohio. The business is a woman-owned small company empire; it offers its customers a wide array of packaging products. The products include; Kraft paper, mailing tubes, cartons, chipboard, storage, bin containers, and corrugated mailers and boxes.

Navigator Packaging & Supply: The company provides wholesale packaging and custom packaging. It also offers shipping supplies, such as poly bags, labels, tape, and cardboard boxes. The business is a minority-owned company in California, Los Angeles.

Protopak Engineering Corporation: The Illinois-based company is a woman-owned and service-disabled veteran-owned company. The business has a stock of over 1600 corrugated boxes. Some of its main products include; tall, flat, long, weather-resistant, and file storage boxes. You can also get moving and bulk boxes.

Signature packaging & Paper, LLC: It is a certified minority-business, full-service corrugated, and small-disadvantaged manufacturer in Missouri. The business offers its customers various cardboard products ranging from point-of-purchase displays to plain brown papers.

Cactus Containers Inc. has various corrugated cardboard boxes without or with printed labels and decals. The company’s boxes are in different colors, sizes, and shapes. Cactus has a small disadvantaged business certification. Its headquarter is present in San Marcos, California.

TazPack: The enterprise has a small disadvantaged and women-owned business certification. Its headquarter is in San Fernando, California. The company has more than 18 experience years in the packaging sector. Its main products are; chipboard, shipping supplies, custom boxes, and cartons.

Guardian Packaging, LP: It offers industrial services and packaging, and its headquarters is in Garland, Texas. . The company’s services include; packaging materials recycling and corrugated box manufacturing. It is a woman-owned smack business.

Thousand Oaks Packaging: It is a Californian woman-owned and minority-owned company. The company has more than 20 years of experience in making sustainable packaging. Some industries it deals with include aerospace, telecommunications, electrical, computer, and medical.

Master Packaging Solutions: The enterprise is a small business in Sacramento, California. It has an extensive packaging materials catalog. The catalog primarily consists of shipping boxes and stock boxes.

Mister Packaging: The company is a small disadvantaged business. It specializes in foam fabrication, custom crates, and military packaging. The company offers packaging solutions, such as wooden crate boxes, corrugated cardboard packages, and transit cases.

Jarrett Industries, Inc: It is a small-disadvantage, woman-owned company that offers packaging solutions to its consumers. Its services include protective packaging, flexible packaging, and corrugated boxes and cartons.

Bags Unlimited, Inc: The veteran-owned business offers shipping, display, and storage products. It also supplies; kraft paper rolls, mailing tubes, mailers, and cardboard shipping boxes.

Boxes 4U: The veteran-owned and minority-owned business’s headquarters is in Texas. It supplies cardboard boxes, contractor supplies, custom boxes, moving supplies, and packaging and shipping materials.

International Plastics, Inc: The small business has over 55 years of experience. It offers stock flexible packaging and custom services. Some of its products include; mailers and corrugated boxes.

Spectrum Lithograph is a women-owned and minority-owned business in Freemont, California. The enterprise is also a custom packaging manufacturing company that serves several industries, including pharmaceuticals, health, and food, and beverages.

Amerisource Custom Packaging: The small business enterprise manufacturers provide a wide range of packaging supplies, corrugated boxes, and material handling equipment. Some of the boxes it produces include; folding cartons, chipboard, recycled, wax-coated, triple wall, double-wall, and single-wall.

A Summary of Cardboard Box Manufacturers and Companies

You can observe the basics of selecting a box supplier and the cardboard boxes from above. There is also a list of the USA’s top cardboard box manufacturing companies. In addition, you can find the leading diversity-owned companies.

The information above will help you find the best cardboard box companies. Make sure you go for the manufacturer or supplier that meets your requirements.

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