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By Sofier Ju

Custom Packaging and Boxes

Custom Packaging and Boxes: The Definitive Buying Guide

“Appearances are often misleading.”

Although virtuous, this proverb—which you’ve probably heard a few hundred times—doesn’t exactly reflect reality, not even when it comes to the book market.

Only the most revered and priceless texts were leather-bound, according to history. In other words, the “cover” had to convey the significance of the written contents or the calibre of the writing.

Consider this. You’d feel very uncomfortable if your prized possessions were kept in a simple card box. The need for premium packaging is the same for companies and their prestigious product line.

Personalized packaging is a crucial branding tool for small businesses. For small businesses to stay one step ahead of their rivals as the eCommerce market grows exponentially larger and more crowded, creative and eye-catching packaging is turning into a crucial advantage.

One might assume that the use of custom packaging is at least as important as the contents it holds based on the almost tangible benefits it provides for small businesses.

Why Custom Packaging and Boxes Is the Future for Small Businesses

A small business’s success can be made or broken by its product packaging; frequently, the first interaction customers have with your brand.

  • Complete Personalization to Meet Your Brand’s Requirements

The days of using only the typical brown cardboard box to package your goods are long gone.

  • Set Yourself Apart from The Competition

Custom packaging provides the ideal chance to establish a distinctive presence and differentiate yourself from the competition. You can increase the legitimacy of your brand and create a satisfying unboxing experience by customizing your boxing. To distinguish your product from the competition and increase sales, you should have appealing packaging that tells your brand’s story.

  • Be Consistent with Your Brand Both In-Person and Online.

Custom packaging offers the best opportunity to maintain brand coherence between your brick-and-mortar store and online store. Custom packaging is essential to create a lasting impression and increase customer recall value.

What Needs to Be Contained in Custom Packaging and Boxes?

Consider the following ideas to provide your customers with a memorable unboxing experience. and demonstrate that you go above and beyond to deliver not only the product but also an experience with the packaging:

The Kind of Packaging You’ll Employ

You can choose from a variety of customizations when making this decision, including material, colours, flexibility, shape, safety, size, and available space inside the packaging.

The specifications of your product and those you are selling greatly influence the kind of packaging you should use. Your unboxing experience is influenced by your packaging’s functionality just as much as by its appearance.

Your Branding 

While the packaging for your product should be distinctive, it must also embody the spirit of your company to maintain consistency. When creating your product packaging, keep the following branding components in mind:

  • Colors
  • Graphics
  • Logo
  • Typography and fonts

Extra Materials 

The internal components of your box, tissue paper, such as bubble wrap and branded tape, are also included in the packaging. Packaging is not just the appearance of your box from the outside.

To add a personal touch and give the recipients’ customers more, you can include additional internal components like handwritten notes, stickers, or a brief user guide.

Promotional Material 

A small booklet of upcoming products, a QR code, or business cards pointing to your website can be added to the standard packaging components. It’s an effective way to let customers know how to get in touch with you and keep them informed about what your company will do next.

How To Design Unique Custom Packaging and Boxes

Customized Packaging

Let’s go over the steps for creating custom packaging that you can use:

Decide on the custom packaging design.

You must choose the custom packaging design for your product before you begin the designing process. Consider your packaging requirements when making that decision by responding to the following queries:

  • Which distribution channels will you use for marketing your goods?
  • What goods do you package?
  • What principles do you want to convey?

The next step is to choose your boxing style after you’ve created an outline for the packaging you want to design. The following three are the most typical ones:

Mailer Boxes

Corrugated boxes

These are reliable, mail-ready boxes that can be sent immediately without sacrificing quality. They are robust and ideal for e-commerce packaging, retail gift, and subscription boxes.

Shipper Boxes


These packaging boxes are sturdy and long-lasting, making them ideal for heavier or larger items like electronics. They can also be branded the same way to reach the customer in style and are also the most affordable choice for shipping bulkier products.

Product Boxes


Product boxes should be your first choice if your product is portable and you want to design opulent packaging. To continue the unboxing experience as your product travels through the mail, product boxes, which serve as the primary product packaging, can be inserted into a branded mailer or shipper.

The function should come before form when choosing your custom packaging style. Yes, customizations give you more freedom to be imaginative and eccentric with your designs, but they still need to serve their intended function.

Decide on your packaging’s size.

Choose the box size based on the product and internal components you intend to include in your packaging.

Here are your choices:

  • Custom

Create a custom packaging size by considering your product, requirement, and style requirements.

  • Common (or Stock)

From a list of various product-fit sizes, please select the one that is best for your product and its intended use. The ideal packaging size determines how your design will appear in practice, so make an informed decision.

Design Your Packaging 

You can start the most exciting phase of the process—designing—as soon as your packaging style and fit are chosen.

Think about what makes you unique.

Every brand has a distinct history, one-of-a-kind experiences, and strong convictions that should be reflected in the product packaging. If there’s anywhere, you can go all-in and improve your product’s perception, it’s here.

Create Packaging Specifically for Your Brand.

Custom packaging is so well-liked by brands today in part due to the customization options it provides. Unlike pre-made boxes, these can be made and designed according to your brand’s requirements.

Best Advice: Don’t forget to check the interior of your packaging!

Just As Significant as The Outside Is the Interior of Your Packaging.

Companies today go above and beyond to design internal packaging that is safe during shipping and aesthetically pleasing.


Packaging is more than just a protective shell for your product; it also serves as the first point of contact with customers and the foundation of your relationship with them online and in the mail.

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