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By Sofier Ju

Top 10 Packaging Boxes Manufacturers and Suppliers in Italy . Ask for a price on Cardboard Boxes now. Manufacturers and Suppliers of Corrugated Boxes in Italy


1. Plasticontenitor Srl

Address: SP64, 97018 Scicli RG, Italy

Tel: +390932851306

Plus code: PMXM+42 Scicli, Free municipal consortium of Ragusa, Italy

Plasticontenitor srl è la principale industria siciliana attiva nel campo della produzione di contenitori e imballaggi in plastica. Le strutture organizzative e commerciali sono in grado di rispondere in tempo reale a qualunque richiesta di fornitura.
La produzione di casse e cassette per l’agro-alimentare rappresenta il core business aziendale.
Plasticontenitor è concessionario ufficiale per la Sicilia degli Ecobins, contenitori innovativi a sponde abbattibili ideali per la logistica.
Una gamma completa di contenitori “usa e recupera” per ortofrutta, casse da raccolta per la campagna e per il magazzino, contenitori a pareti abbattibili. Dimensioni pallettizzabili, materiale riciclabile e certificazione per food contact o ortofrutta.

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2. PACKPACT – Your partner in advanced Processing & Packaging

Address: Via Francesco Carlini, 1, 20146 Milano MI, Italy

Tel: +390247791446

Plus code: F43V+89 Milan, Metropolitan City of Milan, Italy

We can cut corrugated cardboard in any dimension or shape, from basic flat sheets of single or double walled cardboard, through to intricate packaging design.


3. Botta Packaging S.r.l.

Address: Via A. Fleming, 1, 20090 Trezzano sul Naviglio MI, Italy

Tel: +390248401625

Plus code: C396+H3 Trezzano sul Naviglio, Metropolitan City of Milan, Italy

Let’s Pack is the renewal of two brands in the packaging sector, with more than 60 years of experience as cardboard box manufacturers .
In this new stage of change and digitization, we have opted for an omnichannel strategy, so, in addition to continuing with a sales force as packaging suppliers , we added the online sales channel .
We have a commercial team that serves our clients in the conventional way and a telephone customer service department for advice and help in web sales.

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4. Packly

Address: Bretella 2 Via Amerigo Vespucci, 86020 Campochiaro CB, Italy

Tel: +390874775000

Plus code: FG9C+2R Campochiaro, Province of Campobasso, Italy

Built in 2014 as an extension to the previous Plasticos plant, this state-of the-art integrated plant combines both tap injection and bag production destined for export to all southern European country as well as Asia, Africa and Oceania.

Our plant also opened an Experience Centre; a place for customers to get hands-on experience and explore how Bag-in-Box® and Pouch-Up® solutions can meet their business needs.

Safe, modern and ultra-clean, our facility is unique in the world and offers the highest standards in the industry to ensure maximal food safety to our customers.

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5. Regalpack Srl

Address: Via Antonio Stradivari, 6, 26043 Persico Dosimo CR, Italy

Tel: +390372455700

Plus code: 54J2+82 Persico Dosimo, Province of Cremona, Italy

We have been producing packaging since 1986, we are a papermaking company specialized in the manufacture of gift boxes intended for food, confectionery and wines.

We manufacture and distribute a wide range of standard and customized boxes designed specifically for all occasions. The products are stock available for immediate delivery in numerous models, sizes, colors and materials made of cardboard and wood using modern and innovative solutions.

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6. BoxOK.it il primo Self Storage a domicilio d’Italia

Address: Via dell’Industria, 14, 63076 Monteprandone AP, Italy
phone: +39800980421

Plus code: VVV2+JV Monteprandone, Province of Ascoli Piceno, Italy

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7. Smurfit Kappa Italia S.p.A. – Machine Systems

Address: Via del Dosso, 34, 22040 Alzate Brianza CO, Italy

Tel: +39031635111

Plus code: Q58G+R6 Alzate Brianza, Province of Como, Italy

Macchine formatrici e chiuditrici per scatole e vassoi in cartone ondulato e cartoncino. Macchine multipack ad alta velocità. Incartonatrici/astucciatrici orizzontali o verticali per scatole in cartone e cartoncino. Confezionamento in casse: confezionatrice in scatole wrap-around e display box e casse RSC. Isole di carico automatiche

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8. Mail Boxes Etc. – Centro MBE 0345

Address: Corso dei Tintori, 39 Rosso, 50122 Firenze FI, Italy

Tel: +390552466660

Plus code: Q785+XW Florence, Metropolitan City of Florence, Italy

Il Centro MBE 0345 di Firenze, Corso Dei Tintori 39 Rosso, è altamente specializzato nei servizi di imballaggio professionale e spedizione: spedizioni nazionali, internazionali e su misura. I servizi sono offerti su tutta la provincia di Firenze e non solo.
Inoltre sono disponibili servizi postali e di domiciliazione, stampa digitale, fotocopie e fax, vendita di materiale per imballaggio e prodotti per ufficio.
MBE 0345 Firenze è anche in grado di prendere in carico la gestione di processi legati alla micrologistica della tua azienda.

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9. Graphic Packaging International Spa

Address:H29G+9X Lainate, Metropolitan City of Milan, Italy


Plus code:H29G+9X Lainate, Metropolitan City of Milan, Italy

At Graphic Packaging International, we produce the paper cup that held your coffee this morning, the basket that transported those bottles of craft beer you enjoyed last weekend, and the microwave tray that heated your gourmet meal last night. We’re one of the largest manufacturers of paperboard and paper-based packaging for some of the world’s most recognized brands of food, beverage, foodservice, household, personal care and pet care products.

We have over 90 facilities worldwide that provide innovative packaging solutions to help our customers stand out and achieve brand loyalty in a competitive and dynamic marketplace. With a product portfolio that emphasizes renewable, recycled, and recyclable materials, we are as committed to our customers and 19,000 employees as we are to protecting the environment and giving back to the communities where we live and work.

Graphic Packaging International’s history extends more than 100 years, as numerous legacy companies have joined forces to create an ever-evolving corporation. Despite our name changes over the years, our dedication to innovation, quality, and service never changes.

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10. Caratello S.r.l.

Address: Via dell’Agnolo, 115, 50122 Firenze FI, Italy

Tel: +390550118470

Plus code: Q7C6+6W Florence, Metropolitan City of Florence, Italy

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