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By Sofier Ju

When you buy paper boxes from a Chinese Manufacturer, you should know how to deal with these suppliers. If they are a real factory or a pretended factory from a trading company who only has 3 employees. And their factory and machineries are also important, their quality, their delivery time, which can effect the paper boxes order. There are more experiences on buying a paper box.

Whether you are looking for a real manufacturer or just get a quick quote on your paper boxes order, you can check our blog to know more.


Experiences on Buying the right cardboard Paper Boxes

Colour Carton Packaging

Cardboard boxes are among the most commonly used type of packaging because they are convenient, affordable and durable.

However, it is not as simple as choosing which size you’re going to use – there are a few more considerations before buying.


The best cardboard boxes are lightweight, but also hard-wearing.

The last thing you need is shipping a product only for the box to arrive ripped and with dents all over it because it was too weak for transit.

Cardboard boxes are normally made up of two outer layers, sandwiching an inside flute of paper.

The outer layers can be made of Kraft paper, which is considered tougher and better quality than the recycled paper that is used between the outer layers.

It is also more resistant to water, which is more appropriate for shipping in case it comes into contact with rain.

Kraft paper is also better to print on and, along with its durable qualities, it is considered the best material for cardboard packaging.



Single-walled cardboard boxes are most commonly used for storing your belongings, or shipping light products that are unlikely to become damaged in transit.

Here at ITP Packaging, our single-walled cardboard boxes are made from Kraft paper and consist of up to 90 percent recycled material.

Don’t be fooled by a single-walled skeleton; they can hold up to 15kg easily, and therefore are perfect for shipping most items.

Our single-walled cardboard boxes are made to several different sizes, and we’re certain you’ll find the one you need.

However, if you prefer a solution with different dimensions, then we will attempt to meet your desired requirements.


Double-walled cardboard boxes are thicker than single-walled alternatives and are generally used for storing heavier items such as books.

They are also selected for shipping heavier items or more breakable products.

Much like our single-walled products, our double-walled cardboard boxes are made of Kraft paper.

However this type consists of two sheets together rather than just one.

The boxes are more durable as a result, and harder to dent, rip or bend.

This gives you peace of mind they won’t falter under the pressure of one another or, if you’re using them to ship, that your items will arrive unscathed.

Our double-walled boxes can hold up to 30kg of weight and are also made of 90 percent recycled materials.

We offer a range of sizes on our website but aim to supply you with the solution you need.

If you have one with dimensions that aren’t shown on the website, get in touch with us.

paper boxes


Obviously, buying a large box to ship a small product is both wasteful and unnecessary so you’re going to need to measure your item(s) before sending it.

That should be simple enough if a customer buys a single item, but what if they buy two or more different products?

Calculating an estimate of how much space each item will take up in a box will give you a good idea of the variation you’re going to need.

The size of paper boxes comes in LxWxH sizes, with the length as L, width as W, and H as the height. Knowing the dimensions you’re going to need will make the process of choosing your cardboard box much easier.


Our cardboard boxes are manufactured in several different shapes.

The most common are rectangles, with different lengths for all of the dimensions.

However, don’t be fooled by the dimensions and simply choose the first one that has a longer length than width – you may end up with a super slim box without realizing it.

There are cardboard boxes with narrow widths that can be mistaken for run-of-the-mill rectangle boxes, so make sure you read the dimensions carefully before committing to a purchase.

paper boxes China factory


ITP offers both single and double-walled cardboard boxes made of only the highest-quality materials which are up to 90 percent recycled.

We offer a range of sizes but also have more alternatives, meaning it’s likely we’ll be able to meet your precise requirements.

Now you have an idea of what’s important to consider, all that’s left to do now is to make an order.

How can you get accurate prices?
Please send similar paper boxes photos or box artworks, size, quantity,
surface treatment and paper grams each layer / one whole box weight,
then accurate prices will be quoted to you. 


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